The Faculty of Agriculture is an educational and academic institution with modern teaching facilities. Our students have an option to attened a one-year English preparatory programme prior to their four-year undergraduate studies. The academic staff include 65 professors, 15 associate professors, 37 assistant professors and 25 research assistants. Some 7748 students have graduated since the Faculty was founded and there are currently 1238 students enrolled in the programmes. The Faculty is well-equipped with physical and technological facilities: there are student-centered and project-based laboratories, a greenhouse for research and production, a fruit garden and a vineyard. There is a barn and sheep fold which keep a cosiderable number of cattle, sheep and goats. In addition, there is a testing and certification unit which is appropriate for all agricultural machinery and equipment. The Faculty, which offers applied agricultural education, runs agricultural operations on a 2000 decare land. The Faculty attempts to produce and expand technologies in every branch of agriculture. There are master and doctoral programmes in all departments.