The Faculty of Agriculture, which is the oldest faculty of our University, was established in Tekirdağ in compliance with law no 5647, dated 20 July 1982. The Faculty, first a unit of Trakya University in Edirne, became after the foundation of Namık Kemal University in 2006 one of its constituent parts.

The Faculty of Agriculture aims to provide the students with necessary skills in order to make them use the environmental resources for the benefit of people in an economical way. The Faculty provides an academic environment which will help students become qualified individuals possessing universal values and improving themselves in order to keep pace with scientific and technological developments. The Faculty of Agriculture also aims to contribute to the agricultural processes in the country by providing solutions to the current problems and supporting the producers and the related instutions with research and publication services. It also aims to be among the most reputable institutions of agricultural education by training innovative, inquiring and analytic individuals.



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